Exterminated Pest Control technicians have local expertise and we offer our services all year round.

As specialists, we deal with pest problems quickly and effectively and our specialities include

  • Property inspections for your new home
  • Eradication of common household pests
  • Rodent control
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    Exterminated Pest Management

    0412 811 299

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    Pre Constuction Pest Control Inspections

    If you are constructing a new home, commercial building, or renovating an existing property, Exterminated Pest Control has a termite protection solution for you.

    We haven’t found a building that we can’t protect. Our extensive range of products allows us to design a protection system that will last the life of the building. When you book pre construction inspection with us you’re making a small investment that could save you thousands in future repair and treatment costs. Our service includes a comprehensive report and clear recommendations on how to protect the structure of your building, now and into the future.

    For Pre-Construction Pest Control, call us on 0412 811 299, email us today or complete a request for quote online by filling out and sending the form above.

    Our Products

    Not all Insects are pests! In their rightful place, they are important for the balance of nature.
    An insect only becomes a “pest” when it invades an environment where it is unwanted.
    To find the best pest control solutions, the first step is to identify the pest and then to to plan it’s management.

    Exterminated Pest control uses FMC pest control products, the safest, most effective pest control products available.


    We are professional pest control operators licenced to treat pests in your home or business.

    Pesticides are toxic and there are risks associated with pesticide use. Our staff is qualified to handle, store and apply these substances to minimise risk and to ensure your total safety.